Boulder Valley School District is committed to keeping our school communities safe. We know that before learning is possible, our students and staff must feel secure, so we have developed measures to protect our children and to respond in the event of a threat at our schools.

Our Plan for an Emergency
The Standard Response Protocol

During an emergency, having a unified plan and shared vocabulary for students, staff and first responders is paramount. That is why we use the Standard Response Protocol (SRP), developed by the “I Love U Guys” Foundation.

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During a Lockout, the danger is considered to be outside of the building. School personnel ensure all perimeter doors are locked and bring any students involved in outside activities indoors. Learning and other activities continue, as normal. WATCH VIDEO...

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During a Lockdown, the danger may be inside the building. Learning community and individual classroom doors are secured, lights are turned off and students are kept quiet and in place indoors. WATCH VIDEO...

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Shelter in Place – Follow the Directions 
When a school is sheltering in place, students and staff take actions to protect
themselves from a potential danger (tornado, hazardous material, wildland fire, etc.). WATCH VIDEO...

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During an evacuation, students are moved away from possible danger, in a quick, orderly process. WATCH VIDEO...

Be Flexible During an Emergency

Emergencies are incredibly dynamic situations. It is critical that staff and students are prepared to react quickly and respond to different scenarios and changing conditions on the fly.

Drills are an excellent opportunity to practice not only the prepared protocols, but to consider actions for different, unplanned situations.

Your Role
What Families Should Do
The natural instinct for parents or guardians is to come to the school during an emergency to protect their children. However, by doing so, they may endanger themselves and their children. Law enforcement and school personnel are busy responding to the situation. Your arrival or calls may distract them from their work. Please help by following the steps below.

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Stay Home
The most important contribution you can make to your student and your own safety may be staying away from the school.

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Stay Informed
Information will be shared with families as soon as possible. Please know, in some situations, accurate information may take some time to verify and share.

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Be Ready
Be prepared to follow instructions from the Boulder Valley School District.

Bringing students and families back together

reunification-logo.pngIn some situations it may be necessary for families to pick up their children either from their school or another location, like another BVSD facility or a community center.

When asked, a parent or guardian, will need to come to a reunification center. We encourage each family to only send one adult, rather than multiple family members.

Parents and guardians will need to fill in a reunification card and show photo identification.

Students will be released ONLY to parents/guardians who are documented as emergency contacts Students will be released ONLY to parents/guardians who are documented as emergency contacts. We are responsible for ensuring an accountable exchange.

The reunification process can be time-consuming. Please be patient.

Emergency Communication
Keeping parents, students and staff informed

BVSD is dedicated to providing families with information as soon as possible, but in some situations accurate information may take some time to verify and share.

During an emergency, BVSD will work to notify family members via multiple communication avenues, primarily:


Our mobile app (Apple | Android)


Social media, including Facebook and Twitter


Local News Media

Emergency Alerts
When the Standard Response Protocol is activated at your child’s school or a decision has been made to delay or close our schools, BVSD will send an emergency alert letting you know via phone, text and email messaging – based on the emergency notification preferences you have chosen in your School Messenger account. 

These initial notifications may not include many details, as the situation is developing and accurate information is being gathered. Additional updates will be sent as more information becomes available.

See something? Say something
It takes everyone working together to keep our students safe

We encourage everyone to be alert and vigilant. If you hear of a possible threat or see something out of the ordinary, immediately contact your school administrator, BVSD Security or local law enforcement. 

Report a non-life threatening emergency such as vandalism, water line breaks or suspicious activity around a school to the Security Department at 720-561-5051  or 303-442-2400. 

In the case of a life threatening emergency, call 911.

Additionally, Safe2Tell is a safe, anonymous way to help someone who is struggling or hurting or to report a possible security threat.

Evaluating  Threats
BVSD always takes reported threats to our schools seriously. We work closely with our partners in law enforcement to determine each report’s credibility as soon as possible by evaluating evidence, conducting interviews and gathering other intelligence. In some cases investigators are able to ascertain that there is no substance to the threat and therefore regular activities should continue, as normal.

When a threat is considered credible, BVSD is committed to notifying parents with as much information as we can provide, including information about the threat and actions that can be taken to protect students and staff.

Avoid Sharing Rumors
Additionally, we ask for help in avoiding the spread of rumors. When unsubstantiated information is spread by word of mouth, social media or other means it can cause unnecessary concern in the community.

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