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Strategic Plan

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BVSD ​Strategic Plan Development

The Boulder Valley School District is in the process of developing a new strategic plan, which will set a course for BVSD for the next three to five years. Below is where we currently are at in the timeline. The goal is to finalize the plan by June 2019 and then to plan and implement the first phase of action for the 2019-2020 school year.

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Priority Student Outcomes and Strategic Themes 
Our new Strategic Plan will be focused on the needs of our students. For this reason, over the past several months BVSD administrators, employees, parents and community members have been working to develop and refine:
  • Priority Student Outcomes -- specific, student-focused, measurable results that we want our students to achieve across the district
  • Strategic Themes are areas that must be addressed to achieve long-term outcomes

The Priority Student Outcomes

PSO #1: All students benefit from challenging and relevant educational opportunities

PSO #2:  Reduce disparities in achievement

PSO #3: Every student graduates empowered with the skills necessary for post-graduate success

Strategic Themes

Strategic Theme #1: Ensure all instruction is challenging, engaging, relevant and meets the needs of all students

Strategic Theme #2: Provide schools and educators with responsive and customized supports to best serve students

Strategic Theme #3: Harness the talent and passion of our community and families through communication, empowerment and partnership

Strategic Theme #4: Cultivate a positive and inclusive culture throughout BVSD that promotes well-being of students, families and employees

The Development of our new strategic plan

As we develop Boulder Valley School District's new Strategic Plan, we are focused on the following areas.

Student first, always
All of our efforts in the Boulder Valley School District are focused on the 31,000 students we serve and ensuring that they succeed not only today, but in the college and career pathway of their choice. As a result, this strategic plan will be focused on the students and how we can significantly improve student outcomes.

Building from where we are, instead of starting over
BVSD's previous strategic plan, The Success Effect, has already accomplished much in the Boulder Valley School District. As we move the district forward, we will build upon this strong foundation, while still looking for ways to continuously improve.

Feedback Focused
sp-data considered in the analysis phase.pngAll of this work is built up the feedback of hundreds of BVSD parents, employees and community members.
During his 100-Day Plan, Superintendent Rob Anderson met with the faculty at all 56 BVSD schools, as well as parents and community members at a number of Meet & Greet Sessions held regionally across Boulder Valley. During all of these sessions, participants provided direct feedback to the superintendent regarding the state of the district and areas they wanted improved. This feedback, along with all of the public engagement that led up to the Success Effect, has helped to inform and shape the new strategic plan.

Data Driven We will develop measures that will help drive our work. We will focus on Return on Investment (ROI) so that we can  stop doing what is not working; benchmark our performance both locally and nationally with similar, high performing districts; and develop targets that will allow us to focus our efforts on student outcomes. In order to establish a baseline, BVSD worked with Greenway Strategy Solutions to pull together as much data as possible regarding the state of the school district, including state assessment results, district culture and climate surveys and much, much more.