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Attendance for Non-Immigrant Foreign Students

 F-1 Visa Options for Non-Immigrant Foreign Students

Students who plan to secure an F-1 visa must apply for a federal I-20 form. Before BVSD issues an I-20 form students must meet certain requirements for admission to the Boulder Valley School District. The qualifications include:

  1. Same age and other general requirements of other high school students;
  2. Submission of a school transcript translated into English;
  3. Financial sponsorship by a responsible adult living in the BVSD. This is a formal process documented by the completion of an affidavit of financial support. (INS Form I-134);
  4. Completion of a written application in English requesting permission and explaining why he/she wants to attend a BVSD school;
  5. Full tuition for the academic year. The cost is $12,850 in US dollars.

Legal Requirements for F-1 foreign Students in Public Schools
As of November 30, 1996, the following restrictions were legislated regarding foreign students on F-1 visa status:

  • Attendance in public secondary schools (grades 9 through 12) is limited to a maximum of 12 months;
  • Attendance in public elementary schools or publicly-funded adult education programs is prohibited;
  • Reimbursement must be made to the public secondary school for the full, unsubsidized per capita cost of education for the intended period of study.

Application Timelines
For first semester attendance, all application materials must be submitted by June 30th of the same calendar year.  For second semester, all application materials must be submitted by December 1st of the preceding calendar year.

The non-immigrant foreign student (F-1) will not qualify to graduate from a Boulder Valley School District high schools.

 J-1 Visa Options for Non-Immigrant Foreign Students

Students may attend BVSD under the auspices of an approved foreign exchange organization which secures a J-1 visa for each foreign student. Any organization wishing to place high school students in BVSD must contact the Student Enrollment Center prior to soliciting host families in the district. Organizations that have gone through the BVSD approval process work directly with high school principals to secure placement of students.

Application Timelines
Foreign exchange organizations wishing to solicit host families must submit applications for approval to BVSD no later than February 20th of the prior academic year.

The non-immigrant foreign exchange program student will not graduate from a Boulder Valley Schools District high school and will not participate in graduation ceremonies.

Non-immigrant foreign students wishing to attend school in the Boulder Valley School District must make application through the Office of Student Enrollment.  For additional information, contact Mike Wilcox, 720-561-5104.