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Special Education – Our Vision and Commitment to You
Special education is an individualized set of services and supports. It is not a place. In BVSD, we believe that every student is a general education student first and we provide the necessary accommodations, modifications and services to the student to ensure they can access their right to a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE). We are determined to see that our students with disabilities become successful adults engaged in the community.
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BVSD encourages students, staff and families to use Respectful Language that is person-centered and not disability-centered. For details on how that looks, download this Person First flier from the Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee.
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BVSD Special Education Personnel 
Dennis Rastatter.jpg

Executive Director

Dennis Rastatter


Administrative Asstisant to Dennis

Terry Freeman -720-561-5152 


​Director of Special Education for Instructional Development and Northwest Network 

Michelle Brenner


​Director of Secondary Special Education - East Network

Scott Sparks

Administrative Assistant to Michelle                         Administrative Assistant to Scott

Vicky Dietz - 720-561-5155​ ​ ​                                     Vicky Dietz - 720-561-5155 ​


Joy Larson.jpg

​Director of Elementary Special Education - Southwest Network 

Joy Larson

Director of Special Programs for Special Education

Matt Dudek

Administrative Assistant to Joy

Vicky Dietz - 720-561-5155​

Administrative Assistant to Matt

Lisa Wyant - 720-561-4704​ ​(Halcyon)

Lily Akotaobi - 720-561-5261 (Transitions)



Child Find Coordinator - Kitty Mulkey - 720-561-5263​ ​
Child Find Program Assistant - English - Ellie Sabourin - 720-561-5078​ ​
Child Find Program Assistant - Spanish -  Margarita Nava - 720-561-5267​ ​
Special Education Data & Program Services Manager - Marlene Gould​ - 720-561-5003 ​
Special Education Records Department - Special Ed Records - 720-561-5025 ​
Parent, School and Community Liaison - Anna Stewart - 720-561-5918​ ​