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Summer Learning

Changes Everything

BVSD offers summer opportunities for elementary, middle and high school students. Summer presents a unique chance for youth to take a deep dive into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning. Outside of the traditional classroom, these real-life experiences may even spark and sustain interest in a science career.

Our Summer Learning offices have moved to 1000 McCaslin Blvd. #300 in Superior

Enrollment Open to All Secondary Students

Middle School students have the option of an on-campus summer program or the flexibility of online learning. High School students have several online learning options.

Middle School

Follow the fun to a summer of exciting field trips, STEM-based learning and engaging classroom experiments. Our goal is to support children for the whole year, making them healthier, safer and smarter.


BVSD Online

Choose between full semester courses, credit recovery/grade improvement or AP courses. Middle or High School students can work at their own pace with mentors and teachers available for support.


Elementary Opportunities

Elementary School

STEM-based learning and literacy are woven into fun field trips and engaging classroom activities. Your school will notify you if your student qualifies for this program.


Contact Us

Email or call our Summer Learning staff 24/7, or stop by our office between 9am and 4pm Tuesday and Wednesday with any questions.

Why Summer Learning?

Shifting gears from school to summer is one of the most-loved feelings of the year. School may end for the summer, but learning should not.

Office Hours

  • Monday Through Friday: 9am to 4pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed